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Aggressively Seeking Workers’ Compensation for Those Injured in Construction Accidents

Helping employees injured at a jobsite

Construction workers and those who perform other dangerous jobs are covered by workers’ compensation. If you suffered an injury while working at a construction site — or anywhere else while you were doing your job — Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. can help you make sense of the workers’ compensation system so you can recover the benefits you are entitled to receive. Don’t let an injury keep you down and out. Our attorneys work hard to help you obtain medical care, financial compensation and more in NH, MA or VT.

What are common construction site and jobsite accidents?

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work. There are a number of ways workers can be injured on these jobs, where heavy machinery, hazardous conditions and workplace accidents abound:

  • Slip and fall accidents. Many surfaces at construction sites are unstable or uneven. If you are walking and fall, or you fall from above, you may suffer serious injuries, including wrist, hand or arm injuries from trying to break your fall, back injuries and even brain injuries.
  • Scaffolding accidents. Many jobsites use scaffolding. Improperly secured scaffolding can result in a fall and cause serious injuries, such as spine injuries, brain injuries and broken bones.
  • Toxic exposure. If you work around toxic substances or chemicals, such as asbestos, benzene, chloroform, mercury or nickel, you can be injured through inhalation, by burns or by conditions that take time to appear. At the onset of symptoms, it is important to seek legal help to determine your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Equipment malfunctions. A malfunction in machinery at a construction site or jobsite can cause injury.

New Hampshire workers’ compensation laws protect employees who are injured on the job, regardless of fault. You may also be able to pursue an action against your employer if negligence, such as improper maintenance, was the cause. In addition, you may have a third-party claim for financial recovery if someone else’s negligence was a factor, such as the manufacturer of the equipment. The experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. can review your case and help you file a workers’ comp claim and other claims if you were hurt.

Speak with New Hampshire construction accident attorneys

Construction accidents can cause serious injuries. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. use our more than 50 years of combined experience to help you get the compensation you deserve. Don’t delay your recovery — call us at (603) 742-5222 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation.