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Who is Eligible for New Hampshire Workers Compensation Benefits?

Most employees in New Hampshire are eligible for workers compensation. Even so, to receive full benefits, you must often seek legal help. A Dover, New Hampshire workers comp attorney can help you overcome denied or delayed claims and other obstacles that workers often encounter with receiving the workers compensation benefits.

Workers compensation eligibility

New Hampshire is one of 13 states that require workers compensation coverage for seasonal and migrant farm workers. The only exception is small farmers, and they do not have to cover seasonal and migrant workers. Contractors are not employees, and therefore are not covered by workers compensation.

In New Hampshire, employers must cover family members and part-time employees. Employers must include corporate officers. However, corporate officers have the right to elect exemption. A limited liability corporation (LLC) can choose to exclude up to three executive officers, but not when the executive is actively involved in working at a construction site.

If you or a loved one is wrongfully denied benefits based on eligibility, consult with a Dover workers compensation lawyer and find out about legal recourse.

What jobs are most at risk for occupational injuries and illnesses?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the overall rate of occupational injuries and illnesses remained level in 2011 with an average of 117 cases per 10,000 full time workers. Occupations where individuals are most at risk for injury include laborers, nursing aides, janitors, truck drivers and police officers. Police officers' rate of occupational injury and illness is five times greater than all other occupations, and for laborers the rate is three times that of all other workers.

Workers injuries

In many cases, a Salem, NH workers comp attorney can help you overcome denials based on the type of work injury.

Workers compensation laws covers work-related physical injuries and, in some situations, mental health and stress disorders may qualify. Examples of common types of work-related injuries covered by workers compensation include:

  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Repetitive motion injuries, such as joint problems or nerve injuries
  • Hearing loss from noise exposure
  • Lung disease from long-term chemical exposure
  • Pre-existing conditions aggravated by work

Contact a Salem, NH workers comp lawyer to deal with eligibility or injury issues

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