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Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Hampshire

Assisting injured employees with collecting their benefits

If you were injured on the job in New Hampshire, you are entitled to coverage for work-related medical bills, compensation for lost wages and other benefits regardless of who is at fault.  In return, workers are prevented from suing employers for losses that stem from job-related accidents. At Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A., we make it our goal to help you get all the benefits you deserve under workers’ compensation programs in NH, MA and VT.

What are you entitled to as a benefit?

If you were injured while working or became ill through your work, you may have already been told that you can receive benefits through your employer's workers’ compensation insurance. But you may not know what these benefits are — or an insurance adjuster may be trying to deny your benefits. We know the law, and we know what benefits you are entitled to, including:

  • Medical care: Medical care benefits include hospital and medical expenses incurred while trying to identify and treat the injury or illness. They usually include visits to the doctor, prescriptions, surgery, wheelchairs, other equipment, therapy and treatments. Our lawyers can help you prove that you need these benefits and can also show the insurance companies that experimental or alternative treatments should be paid for as well.
  • Rehabilitation: Rehab benefits pay for physical therapy to help you cope with and recover from the illness and injury, and regain the skills and abilities needed to return to work. They also include retraining and tuition if you are unable to return to your prior job.
  • Disability: The role of disability benefits is to compensate you for wages lost while it is impossible for you to work. These disabilities are compensated:
    • Temporary total disability. You cannot work at all for a period of time, but you will return to work someday.
    • Temporary partial disability. You are unable to do some of your job for a limited amount of time.
    • Permanent total disability. You will never be able to return to any job.
    • Permanent partial disability. The damage is permanent, but it only partially impairs your ability to work.
  • Death: The death benefit provides compensation to your dependents if you die as a result of the injury. Death benefits include funeral and burial expenses and are designed to compensate family members for the loss of financial support.

Work with our workers’ compensation benefits attorneys in NH

If you live in New Hampshire, Vermont or Massachusetts and have suffered an accident at your workplace or on the job, our workers’ comp attorneys can assist you with your workers’ compensation claim. Please call us at (603) 742-5222 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation.