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Traumatic brain injuries, concussions, and the accidents that cause them require experienced attorneys in New Hampshire who can help you with these injuries.   The attorneys of Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. can help with traumatic brain injuries and concussions.

Traumatic brain injuries are often underdiagnosed at the beginnings of treatment from a car accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, or a slip and fall.  The reason for this is that people often have other musculoskeletal injuries or lacerations and sometimes it takes a while for the evidence of the traumatic brain injuries to become apparent.  Sometimes insurance companies try to capitalize on this situation by basically trying to ignore traumatic brain injuries.

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The problem with traumatic brain injuries is that they can last a long time, be difficult to diagnose and cause a considerable impact on people’s activities of daily living. Medical insurance carriers can sometimes be skeptical about traumatic brain injury treatment and you need attorneys experienced on working on traumatic brain injuries in New Hampshire who can help you with your medical insurance carrier.  In addition, liability insurance carriers or automobiles or premises which were involved in the injury are often very quick to try and ignore traumatic brain injuries.

The key to handling traumatic brain injuries is getting proper medical treatment.  Proper medical treatment can require proper testing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, treatment with eyesight difficulty and treatment with headaches to name a few.  When concussions are combined with other severe injuries, sometimes the immediate severe injury gets the attention, but a traumatic brain injury can last as long as 24 months or even longer and under those circumstances, may take longer to heal.  You need traumatic brain injury attorneys in NH who can represent your best interests.  The attorneys at Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. have represented many people with traumatic brain injuries and received excellent results in recoveries against negligent individuals and insurance carriers for this insidious and painful type of injury.

People sometimes just don’t understand when someone otherwise appears to be well that a concussion or traumatic head injury can result in devastating life consequences.  Students can find it difficult to study.  People can find it difficult to work.  Many of us work on computer screens and that can cause significant problems for people who have traumatic brain injuries.  It causes lost time from work, and it can cause anxiety and depression about what will happen in one’s life going forward as a result of such an injury.  These kinds of injuries are also not easy to track in terms of when exactly someone might get better.  They take a long time.  You might be over the whiplash part of your injury, but if you struck your head while you were in an automobile accident, a traumatic brain injury can cause you pain and suffering for a long time.

Evaluating the Cost of a Head Injury

In addition, the medical treatment listed above can be very costly.  It also can be extremely inconvenient for people to engage in these therapies for extensive lengths of time when they have lives, families, and jobs to manage.  You need traumatic brain injury attorneys in New Hampshire who can help you work through the day-to-day problems of getting better and understanding their legal impacts and then making a proper demand from an insurance carrier.  Insurance carriers are aggressive in defending traumatic brain injuries because they are always looking for another cause of an injury to avoid responsibility for full or partial payment when someone does have a traumatic brain swelling injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can be tragic and they can devastate people for the rest of their lives.  You need only look at stories about professional athletes to realize the impact of traumatic brain injuries are profound and far-reaching.  These types of injuries need to be properly valued and the attorneys in New Hampshire who help you with them must advocate strongly on your behalf making sure that insurance carriers understand the magnitude of these injuries and the time, expense and suffering that they cause.

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