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In all kinds of accidents, people end up with broken bones.  You need an attorney in New Hampshire who can help you with these problems because broken bones and their aftermath can create health problems which last for life.  There are many ways people suffer from broken bones as a result of the negligence of other people.  Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. can provide you a New Hampshire attorney who will help you with these kinds of injuries.

People routinely break bones in slip and fall cases.  A broken ankle can sometimes cause some of the more difficult problems for an individual who suffers a slip and fall.  Broken ankles, especially if they are near where the foot meets the ankle can cause significant and long-standing complications.  We all think of a bone break as a simple break of a broken arm without any complications, but many bone fractures and breaks are anything but clean and result in the need for significant surgical revision.

These injuries might require that hardware be used to stabilize a break.  Broken bones can cause impediment to the operation of joints and nerves such that people have long and permanent disability.  When working on a case involving broken bones, your NH from Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. can make sure that you get the recovery that you deserve.

Broken Bones Claims

People routinely slip on steps if they have not been properly maintained or if they are not properly designed.  This can result in broken bones which may impact you for life.  When you break your vertebrae or pelvis, many bodily functions can be affected which can cause disabilities.  This can cause significant medical bills and damages, including lost wages and loss of life enjoyment.  All of this results in the need for an attorney who is adept at understanding the impact of broken bones in a personal injury case that can make sure that you get a recovery that reflects the extent of injury you have sustained.

Sometimes broken bones aren’t as adequately diagnosed at the beginning of a case as they should be.  You need to make sure that you get x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and any other sort of diagnostic assistance to fully understand what has happened.  Breaks of bones near joints such as knees and hips can cause added complications and require complex and sophisticated surgery.  This can result in long recovery times and months of physical therapy sometimes without a potential for full and complete recovery.

These cases can have high value and you need an attorney in New Hampshire who can help you with getting compensation for your broken bones which occurred as a result of the negligence of someone else.

Sadly, construction accidents can cause severe injury and broken bones.  The materials on a construction site and the vehicles involved create risks for workers.  When you suffer from broken bones as the result of a construction accident, you need to make sure that you get quality medical care and you need a New Hampshire lawyer who is going to assist you in maximizing your recovery for these injuries, be it work-related workers’ compensation injuries or a personal injury case.

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If you are employed as a delivery person, you have to go in and out of various business establishments sometimes carrying or pushing heavy packages, these injuries can cause treacherous slip and fall accidents resulting in broken bones.   An attorney who fully understands the impacts of these kinds of injuries can help you maximize your recovery be it in a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation case. If a landlord doesn’t salt and sand steps going in and out of a building, or if a condominium association doesn’t do that, people can sustain multiple broken bones when falling in such treacherous conditions of New England winter conditions.

This can cause people life-changing injuries and significant medical and lost wage damages over time. The only way to make sure that you get a recovery that helps you in these regards is having an attorney in New Hampshire who understands the impact on your life as a result of such horrific injuries including broken bones, lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries.

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