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Have you been injured on the job?

Workers’ compensation insurance can provide benefits that include wage replacement, payment of medical bills, payment for vocational rehabilitation, related legal fees, and other benefits. Workers’ compensation covers a deceased workers’ family with a financial benefit as well. Most employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation coverage so that workers have coverage.

What Can I Expect to Be Paid?
Workers’ compensation wage replacement benefits are paid at 60% of your gross average weekly wage if your doctors say you are totally disabled. Benefits should continue for as long as you lose time from work or are unable to earn your pre-injury wage. You may receive partial or total benefits, depending on the extent of your injury and insurance carriers often get it wrong.

What Should I do If I am Injured?

  1. You must notify your employer of your illness or injury immediately.
  2. Save all receipts from the doctor or hospital and write down every detail of the event you remember, as soon as possible, such as the date of the injury, witnesses present, and any other relevant information.

We Can Help
Insurance companies may deny or delay paying for your claims. Thomas G. Ferrini  and D. Lance Tillinghast will fight for the benefits you deserve, and ensure that you are treated fairly. They have resolved cases for very high amounts as you can see.

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Examples of Workers’ Compensation Injuries

  • Slipping on ice on the stairs to the office, resulting in time in the hospital
  • Injuring your back lifting something at work, requiring a doctor’s attention
  • A car accident while you are visiting a client as part of your job, requiring hospitalization
  • Something heavy falls on you and you break a bone


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