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When someone dies in an accident in New Hampshire, call Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A.  These attorneys have substantial experience in representing clients in wrongful death cases.  When a loved one has sustained an injury resulting in death, there are many things an attorney needs to do to make sure that the deceased’s family and loved ones get aggressive legal representation.  When someone is negligent and it results in someone’s death, such as in a car accident, the attorney representing you for the death case has to pursue all available types of insurance to make sure that recovery can be maximized.

Seeking a Full Financial Recovery For Wrongful Death Claims

Insurance carriers try to avoid liability in large death cases and this means you need to hire lawyers who know how use accident reconstruction experts and medical experts to indicate the nature and extent of a wrongful death injury and why it happened.  If you have the right lawyers working on a death case, such as those at Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A., you can be sure that the proof assembled can maximize the recovery for the deceased’s estate and loved ones.

Wrongful death actions occur in trucking accidents because heavy equipment and large vehicles can result in tragic circumstances and you need a wrongful death attorney who can help the bereaved and family members do their best to get a proper award for such a horrific accident.

Slip and fall accidents can even cause wrongful deaths and the facts and circumstances of a slip and fall accident need to be carefully analyzed by the wrongful death attorney to make sure that the estate of the deceased and the decedent’s family are taken care of when there is a recovery.

Compensation for Fatal Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often the cause of death cases.  The attorneys at Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. have received substantial awards in motorcycle accident cases for individuals involved in wrongful death circumstances.  It is important that evidence is preserved after accident, so that your attorneys can do a good job advocating for you based on the facts that matter in such a case.

You need attorneys that are energetic and willing to work for you when and where you need them to work for you.  The wrongful death attorneys at Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. will meet with you and your family at your convenience to advocate for you when a loved one dies because of a fatal accident.

Legal Representation After a Wrongful Death Accident

We will go the extra mile to make sure that you understand fully the impact of a wrongful death case and what that may mean financially for a family.  Our law firm can handle the estate and probate aspects of a wrongful death case as well, so that the bereaved can feel confident that they are receiving full-service representation for all aspects of a wrongful death.

Whether your loved one is involved in an industrial accident, a road crew accident or a bicycling accident, wrongful death is one of the most challenging types of cases because the damages in such cases can be so high.  Insurance carriers will often do everything they can to avoid this high expense.  Death cases often require the hiring of economic experts and medical experts to talk about the nature of the death itself and the economic loss that occurs when one of your loved one’s is killed as the result of the negligence of another person.

A full understanding of the financial loss of a person or family in a wrongful death case requires an attorney who can put together those facts and persuade an insurance carrier of the value of the person’s earning projections to make sure that family members can be taken care of as a result of a proper and significant recovery.

A New Hampshire Law Firm That Wins for You

The attorneys of Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. have recovered millions of dollars in wrongful death cases for their clients and stand ready to assist you in any way that will help you through these difficult times.  We serve in the following cities; Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Dover, Rochester, Keene, Portsmouth, Laconia, Claremont, Lebanon, Somersworth, and Berlin. Please call Wyskiel, Boc, Tillinghast & Bolduc, P.A. and ask for Attorney Tom Ferrini to help you with your wrongful death case.



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