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5 Secondary Conditions That People With Disabilities Often Face

Unfortunately, when many individuals endure physical and mental disabilities in workplace accidents, they also endure secondary conditions that significantly impact their lives. The secondary impacts can also play a role in the benefits you recover. Here are some of the conditions that you should know about moving forward.

Bowel and Bladder Problems

Some of the individuals who suffer physical disabilities also endure difficulties controlling their bowels and bladder. On the one hand, it could become more difficult to pass stool or to urinate. On the other hand, it may be more challenging to hold your bowel or bladder. Therapy and management can help these conditions over time.


A devastating condition associated with various disabilities is fatigue. Feeling tired can also affect your motivation and daily energy. It may deter you from doing some of the things you enjoyed before you suffered your injuries.

Mental Health and Depression

All disabilities can cause someone to deal with the mental health problems that come with them. Depression is common following a disability because they lose a significant aspect of their livelihood. For many, the inability to work or do things they love because of a disability can be catastrophically damaging on a mental level.


Some of those who suffer disabilities lose movement and functionality. As such, they also lose the inability to work out, walk, or otherwise stay physically active. They may gain weight over time, and it can lead to other underlying health conditions.

Pressure Sores and Ongoing Pain

If a disability results in bedrest, it’s vital to have a turn schedule. Without a turn schedule, pressure sores can form around areas where the skin is vulnerable. These large crater-like sores can lead to serious infections in common areas such as ankles, elbows, heels, hips, and backs.

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